Our birthday tour : St Albans

- 18 Jun 2022

We're 17 this month ! and to celebrate we invite you to join us on two special private tours in St Albans.

Ready to explore the beautiful St Albans Cathedral and learn know more about historic St Albans? Join us for these two private tours on 18th June at 10am. Tour starts when the 9.46am arrives from Watford junction at St Albans Abbey.

We will also be unveiling our new award-winning Abbey trail leaflets and a few treats for participants.

Why not make a day out of it and enjoy lunch afterwards at one of the many cafes and restaurants, a bit of shopping at the market or shopping centre, visit the museums or leisurely walk of the Abbey trail.

Tickets for the tours are free on a first come first-served basis.

More details when you’ve booked but the tours are family friendly. We will take a ‘scenic’ route to the Cathedral from St Albans Abbey station.


To book click on the link below

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